Personalized Name Necklaces for Girls

Girls love their names. They love to look unique, beautiful and stylish. And we love to make them happy. That’s why we made them these personalized floral necklaces with their names. Three different colors: red, purple, and bright blue to choose from. Let your daughter choose her favorite color and order her a special gift from Selsal.

Red Necklace:

Purple Necklace:

Bright Blue Necklace:

Girls Personalized Names Necklaces
Girls Personalized Names Necklaces

One of our dearest customers asked for these necklaces for her daughter and her daughter’s friends, just o make the girls happy 🙂

Girls Personalized Names Necklaces - Purple
Girls Personalized Names Necklaces – Purple

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Blue Flower Boho Bracelet

Here’s a floral bohemian style elastic bracelet that is perfect with jeans, simple or casual outfit. Every bead and petal is handmade of polymer clay.  Colors: Dark blue, light blue, and pearl (glittery off-white).
Material: polymer clay, elastic cord, small blue glass beads.
Bracelet diameter is about 6 cm. Know more and Order Here!


Blue floral bohemian-style elastic bracelet

Hand-painted Miniature Books Key chains

Hand-painted Miniature Books Keychains
Selsal Hand-painted Miniature Books Key chains

For reading lovers! Here’s a unique gift!
Floral hand-painted miniature books with quotes. It’s unique design that is painted just for you.
You can choose book color and you can send us a different quote or a custom message in a note while ordering. You can Order Here!
The book is handmade of polymer clay and hand-painted with permanent colors.

Selsal Miniature Book Key chains – Before and After

How we make it?!
We use polymer clay for the base and we paint it with permanent colors.
The painting is covered with a sealer layer for more protection.
No patterns used, i.e. we paint every piece separately, so please allow slight differences in the drawing. Also keep in mind that the colors may be slightly different from monitor to monitor.
Book dimensions: 3*3.5 cm

Hand-painted Miniature Books Keychains
Hand-painted Miniature Books Key chains from Selsal

Order Here!

Brave and Reckless’Advice for New WordPress Bloggers– Part 1

Just came through this article and liked to share it. Hope you find it useful!

Brave & Reckless

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a brand new blogger at WordPress. I started my blog at the beginning of October with no real goals in mind other than making one particular piece of writing publicly available for sharing. I chose WordPress because we use it at work and several friends spoke highly of the community.  It wasn’t until I saw my first piece of original writing on my blog that I started thinking what next?

I knew nothing about blogging. But I did know that all communities have their own unique culture and through a combination of trial and error, generous mentors and reading several really good guides to WordPress, I found my footing here. This past weekend I hit 500 followers.  I remain just as flattered today that someone has read and responded to my writing as I did the first time.

Recently I have had numerous…

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“It’s a Colorful World” Necklaces’ Collection


I love painting and about 6 years I attend a 3-month workshop for oil painting. But actually I didn’t find oil painting as much as cheerful for me like painting these heart necklaces. Once I finish them, I feel so excited and cheered up. That’s why I named this collection “It’s a Colorful World.” I hope you’d like them too. You can see a variety of my hand-painted necklaces here in section Necklaces.

And if you love boho floral rings, you can find some matching rings and others here.